About Perch Shop

The road to e-commerce with Perch and Perch Runway

Why we built an e-commerce solution for Perch

Perch started life as “the really little CMS” and launching a full-scale e-commerce solution was far from our minds when we launched Perch version 1 at the end of May 2009.

As Perch has developed, and with the launch of Perch Runway we increasingly considered the question, what if we could create e-commerce solutions that were as flexible as Perch itself?

Welcome to Perch Shop.

More than an add-on to Perch

If you have a Perch or Perch Runway license you can download Perch Shop free of charge and add it to your site. This means no extra charges other than your payment processing fees to start selling.

Perch Shop is essentially a Perch add-on, it fully integrates with Perch and Runway and takes advantage of all of the features and templating power of Perch. However with more code in this add-on than is in Perch itself, this is essentially a new product for Perch and Runway.

Building on our experience

Perch, Perch Runway and Perch Shop are products developed by edgeofmyseat.com - a web solutions company founded in 2001 and co-owned by Rachel Andrew and Drew McLellan. We have 15 years experience of developing e-commerce and content management solutions for our clients, and 7 years of working with the web designers and developers who use Perch.

Perch Shop is our next step in enabling web designers and developers to create beautiful, functional websites in a cost-effective way for their clients. We hope you love it!