Perch Shop Assistant

A suite of services to take your store to the next level

Hosted features for your shop

Once you begin to sell online there are a number of things you might need to do that are difficult to achieve on a standard hosting account, or that require expensive third party integrations. This is where Perch Shop Assistant can help you. A suite of tools that can do everything from validating VAT numbers to sending data into your accounting software to creating beautiful PDF invoices.

What can Shop Assistant do?

We’ll be rolling out features for Shop Assistant one at a time, and adding new ideas based on your feedback. The following are the tools and integrations we’ve got on the list right now.

VAT number validation

If you are offering EC Reverse Charge VAT, or want to validate trade customers via a VAT number, this service will ensure the numbers you collect are correct and current.

Xero Integration

For users of the popular online accounting package Xero, we’ll be offering a real-time integration. See your orders show up in Xero as they come in.

FreeAgent Integration

Prefer to use FreeAgent for your accounts? We’ll be rolling out an integration with this package too.

PDF invoices, packing notes and labels

Produce beautiful PDF and printable invoices from Perch templates. Create packing slips or print shipping labels right from inside Perch Admin.

Zapier Integration

Integrating with Zapier means that you can link your Perch Shop up with many other services that link to Zapier.

API integration with email providers

For robust and traceable email delivery when customers buy from your store.

Optional services

Shop Assistant will be a subscription service. Instead of paying lots of third-party providers for different online services and needing to then spend time and money integrating them into your own site, Shop Assistant rolls them all into a single, convenient, ready-to-go service.

How do I get this?

We are hoping to begin rolling out these services shortly and will announce pricing soon. If you would be interested in hearing more, or have any suggestions for services that could be part of Shop Assistant fill in the form below and we’ll keep you updated.

As we prepare to launch Shop Assistant it would be helpful to see which services are most of interest to people using or hoping to use Shop. Please complete this form - we’ll also let you know once Shop Assistant is ready.

Which services would you use?