Buy a Perch Shop License

How to get your Shop.

Perch Shop is part of Perch CMS

To use Shop you need is a Perch or Perch Runway license. All of this functionality is part of a free add-on to our amazing and flexible content management solution. If you are already a Percher, you are good to go and you can download Shop once logged into your account on the Perch site.

Perch + Shop

Perch is the original “really little CMS” and a great choice for stores selling one or two products, choose a Perch license then add Shop and you’ll get:

  • easy “drop-in” content management
  • no restrictions on site structure
  • no requirement to have Perch or Shop manage your entire website
  • quickly sell a few products from existing pages

Price: $69 (+VAT)

Buy Perch

Perch Runway + Shop

Larger stores will benefit from the features of Perch Runway designed for larger sites. Runway has the flexible templating and easy-to-use admin of Perch but you’ll also get:

  • a solution capable of managing a site with 100s or 1000s of products
  • our amazing, easy to use routing (no more .htaccess rewrites)
  • structured data with Collections
  • backup your store to Dropbox or Cloud Storage
  • CDN storage for images and other assets

Price: $8 (+VAT)

Buy Runway

Perch Shop is a free add-on

You just need a Perch or Perch Runway license to get started. After buying a license, your only ongoing fees are from your payment gateway. Say goodbye to stringing together multiple subscription services just to make a simple online sale.