What do you get with Perch Shop?

Shop Features

You won’t see any features in our listing that require an expensive third-party plugin. The features we advertise are the features you have as soon as you install Perch or Perch Runway and Shop.


Add any fields you need

You are never restricted to our idea of what a product should be. Add as many custom fields as you like to each product.

Full template control

You product templates are in your control, you can even create multiple templates for the same products for output in different places on the site.

Sell digital products

Have an e-book, music or software to sell? You can with Perch Shop - no expensive plugins required to sell downloads.

Combined products

Need to sell a physical book that also includes an e-book. No problem, any product can contain shippable things AND digital things.

Access to content

Selling access to videos, tutorials, a member-only part of your site? Your product can assign a tag to the purchaser to give them access.

Weights and dimensions

Set product dimensions and weights to enable the cart to pick the best shipping method.

Inventory management

Set stock levels on products or variants, and configure the maximum quantity a customer can purchase in one transaction.

Product variants

Options like colour and size can be configured and applied to a product, resulting in individual variants with their own SKUs, pricing and inventory control.


Ship by weight

Add a weight to any product and use that in shipping calculations or to offer the correct options to the customer.

Ship by dimensions

Show shipping options and pricing based on the size of items.

Free shipping over a certain value

Using our promotions system offer free shipping over a certain value.

Create different shipping zones

Need to charge a different rate to ship to different locations? Shipping zones match to the customer’s address to enable you to charge appropriate rates.

Offer different shipping methods

Charge one price for standard ground shipping and another for next-day, and offer the customer a choice of which they’d like. Methods can be limited based on dimensions and weight (so if it weighs more than a pineapple, you’d better call UPS).

Cart and Checkout

Flexible checkout flow

Show a “cart” or go right to payment. Experiment with the order of checkout steps - you get to choose how customers move through the process.

Create an account - or not

Forced account creation is a common reason for cart abandonment. You can choose whether customers need to create an account or not.

Design each page of checkout

This is Perch Shop, so you get the same power you would expect anywhere else in Perch to design and to test what converts best in your store.

Sell in multiple currencies

Set prices in multiple currencies, and enable your customers to choose which currency they’d like to pay in.

Runway only

Customisable email notifications

Choose which stages of the order process to send email notifications, and to whom. Use the flexible templates to customise the look and content of the outgoing mail.

Customer Management

Integration with the Members App

Customer accounts and handled by the Members app. Customers can register with an email address, or log back in to their existing account.

Optional Account Creation

Details can be stored without forcing customers through a pre-sale account creation process.

Account Management

If you use customer accounts, customers can update details, reset their password and so on.

Order Management

Order Stages

Orders pass through multiple stages – unpaid, paid, processing, dispatched, refunded and so on. Set who (customer or internal contact) should get an email when each stage is reached.

Invoice generation

Create and print an invoice for any order.

Gateway Support


Modern and simple payments with the popular Stripe gateway.


Make payments easy for your customers by enabling PayPal as a checkout option.


Want to take payments with Android Pay or Bitcoin? Braintree offers a range of methods, including boring old credit and debit cards.

Manual gateway

Take payment over the phone, by Purchase Order, on with a promise written on the side of a cow - it’s up to you, but the manual gateway will enable you to record the sale.

…and many, many more

Perch Shop uses the Omnipay library for supporting payment gateways. This means we should be able to help you integrate any official or third party supported gateway. Find out more.

Try Perch Shop for Yourself

Our demo site uses Perch Runway and Perch Shop to create a running club website - complete with member section and digital downloads.